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Creative Lead
eComm Specialist
Chief Creative Officer
UX & UI Design Lead
Tech Lead

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Little Giant.
your Anti-Agency Agency.

We're a modest but tight-knit team of ex-WPP/JWT entrepreneurs who decided to take matters into their own hands in India. We are a modern, young, and agile gang of creators, believers, and make-believers.

Previously we've done dope-shit stuff (videos, UI/UX, websites, e-commerce, mobile applications, and so on) for Aston Martin, Mercedes, Nokia, Microsoft, Credit Suisse, Unilever, Nissan, HSBC, Apollo, Birla, Bayer and many others - the point is, we know the drill, like really well.


Tea making
The real tea, not the colonial tea that the British left behind
Selecting the right media for your brand:
One: Print: Magazines
Two: Print: Leaflets
Two: er … other places
Four: Online (not a washing line. On a computer thingy)
(D) Flags
(E) Graffiti
Five: Logos on T-shirts, underpants, coffins
Six: Shouting through letterboxes
Thinking up snappy short things
like one or two or maybe six or seven words that capture your brand’s essence really briefly and succinctly in as few words as possible without droning on endlessly over and over. If you see what we mean?
Imaginative thingies.
We have a #1 bestselling author working with us who can write amazing things that are really witty and clever and also witty and clever. She suffers from short-term memory loss though among other things, and also short-term memory loss.
We have a really talented Creative team that can create the perfect designs (only available weekends and school holidays, so be quick to order). Example of their work on the left
Other Boring Stuff:
We have a Project Manager, who allocates tasks to people regardless of whether they fully understand what he said. But the I.T. guys get their own back as literally nobody understands what they’re talking about. Ever. Luckily we shut them in a dark room most of the time. Apparently, they work with Software-Developers, though we’re not exactly sure what the developers do either. But we noticed they’re very quiet and don’t leave a mess.

We think we have a 'copy writer' but it might be a coffee maker.
We have an Ad film Director who has calmed down a lot after directing a battle scene which injured so many people and sank that ship, in a multi-million $ advert for an affordable toilet-roll brand we did last year. (Big success though! The publicity boosted sales enormously! Though the advert never got made).

We have already been able to publicise things to millions thousands hundreds loads of people worldwide nearby.
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